Historical Aerial Photographs
General identification Data organization Location Processing details
    Preview Yes Reference system WGS84(S) Projection UTM
Platform Aerial Photograph Access Public Area of Interest Wheeling, WV Zone 17N
Sensor N/A Format Erdas *.img Equivalent Landsat Path/Row 18/32 Projection parameters _
Focal Length 8.25 inches Bands 1 UL X 521770.0 Datum NAD 83
Scene ID N/A Bits/Pixel _ LR X 531999.0 Elliposoid GRS 1980
Cloud cover 0% Pixel size 1.0 UL Y 4437497.6 Units meters
Acquisition date 1938 Pixel units meters LR Y 4429437.6 Resampling N/A
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  Wheeling 1938 Imagine Format, Wheeling 1938 GeoTiff Format
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