Jefferson County lidar

The data, documentation, and associated files are available for download here.

Please note: These data are provided for free public use. Under no circumstances may they be resold.


The data were originally acquired for the NRCS.

The nominal posting interval is 1.5 m. Only first and last returns are available.

County-wide lidar data were collected between April 11 2005 and April 18 2005.

The data are available in two basic formats: (1) the raw lidar points (in las format) and (2) as gridded datasets (in Arc GRID format). Intensity data is also available
Additional metadata information can be obtained from the documentation directory.
Gridded Data.

Download data

The data are in tiles. In order to identify the gridded tiles, you should identify the quads from the shapefile qqquads_jefferson_co_lidar.shp in the metadata directory.
Once you have identified the tiles you need, go to the appropriate directory, and select the data you need.

An alternative, and more rapid method is to use the WV DEP (TAGIS) geospatial application, which shows lidar holdings across the state of West Virginia, and allows a map-based selection and downloading of individual tiles (once you have zoomed in sufficiently far on the map).

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West Virginia View would like to thank the NRCS and USGS (Dr. Daniel Doctor) for this data.

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