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Washington Lidar

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Granger, Washington

Mosaic of Granger, WA

Imagine format (231 MB)
Compressed Tiff (187 MB)

Individual DOQQs of Granger, GA in GeoTiff format

Granger_NW_WA_NW (33.7 MB), Metadata, Preview
Granger_NW_WA_SW (36.2 MB), Metadata, Preview
Granger_WA_NW (36.6 MB), Metadata, Preview
Herber_Mountain_WA_NE (35.6 MB)


Mosaics of DOQQs are archived in Imagine format (.img) and Tiff format (.tif). All Tiff format files have been compressed with Pkzip. Compressed file size are indicated. Download complete data list of catalogued DOQQs.


Why are some data for West Virginia View for members only?

Distribution of commercial imagery is limited by specific licensing agreements that specify at the time of purchase who may use the data. West Virginia View is dedicated to the free sharing of data, and will endeavor to negotiate the most flexible possible license agreements. US Government data does not suffer from this limitation as the US does not copyright data.

How do I get satellite image data as a West Virginia View member?

The "West Virginia View Members Only" section is password protected. Contact the Tim Warner for login credentials if you are eligible.

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