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Abrams Creek Watershed (Mineral County) Lidar

Canaan Valley Institute (CVI) captured LiDAR elevation data for the Abram's Creek watershed in Mineral County, West Virginia in approximately 2007. The watershed is approximately 30,250 acres. Various formats of this data are below including documentation click on the links below to acess data by tile # seen below.

Please note: These data are provided for free public use. Under no circumstances may they be resold.

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A tiling Scheme for all DATA FORMATS

Mineral County Lidar data Formats

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Why are some data for West Virginia View for members only?

Distribution of commercial imagery is limited by specific licensing agreements that specify at the time of purchase who may use the data. West Virginia View is dedicated to the free sharing of data, and will endeavor to negotiate the most flexible possible license agreements. US Government data does not suffer from this limitation as the US does not copyright data.

How do I get satellite image data as a West Virginia View member?

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