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Lexington, KT 10/06/1974

Landsat MSS Path 21 Row 34

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Unique ID   Preview Yes Reference system WGS84(S) Projection UTM
Platform Landsat 1 Access Public Quadrangle _ Zone 16
Sensor MSS Format Erdas *.img GeoTiff, NLAPS Path/Row 21/34 Projection parameters _

Processing level

Systematic Bands 1-4 UL X 604798.50 Datum WGS84
Scene ID LM1021034007427990 Bits/Pixel 8 LR X 841861.50 Elliposoid  
Cloud cover 0 Pixel size 28.5 UL Y 4266820.50 Units meters
Acquisition date 10/6/1974 Pixel units meters LR Y 4049707.50 Resampling cubic con


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