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Gilmer County Lidar

Please note: These data are provided for free public use. Under no circumstances may they be resold.

Download data for Gilmer County

The data, documentation, and associated files are available for download here.

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An alternative, and more rapid method is to use the WV DEP (TAGIS) geospatial application, which shows lidar holdings across the state of West Virginia, and allows a map-based selection and downloading of individual tiles (once you have zoomed in sufficiently far on the map).

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County-wide lidar data collected between March 25 and April 7, 2004 The data were acquired by Airborne 1, on behalf of the Canaan Valley Institute. The nominal posting interval is 1.4 m. Only first and last returns are available. Additional metadata information can be obtained from the documentation directory.

Gridded Data

At this time, the gridded data sets are not in an easily downloaded form, and we do not recommend downloading this data. Data are in tiles. In order to identify the gridded tiles, you should identify the quad sheet and the associated tile numbers from the Excel sheet in the Documentation directory:QA_CVI_LiDAR_Tiles.xls Once you have identified the tiles you need, go to the grids<directory, and select the data you need.

Point Data

Like the gridded, data, the point data are tiled, but in a different tiling scheme. In order to identify which tiles you would like to download, please download the zip file Shapefile_Tiles.zip with ArcView format information regarding the tile numbers for the first and last returns from the documentation directory. Download the zip file, unzip the data, and use ArcView or appropriate Remote Sensing or GIS software to view the relevant files and see the tile numbers. You may want to use a base map, for example, a georeferenced Landsat image, DOQQ, or DRG, in order to find a specific location. Once you have identified the tiles you need, you are ready to proceed to the directories. For las format data, navigate to the las directory, and for ASCII data, navigate to the rawdata directory.


West Virginia View would like to thank Canaan Valley Institute for providing this data. In addition, we would like to thank ProLogic Inc, for helping with the indexing of the point tiles. Data Updated 10/6/2012


Why are some data for West Virginia View for members only?

Distribution of commercial imagery is limited by specific licensing agreements that specify at the time of purchase who may use the data. West Virginia View is dedicated to the free sharing of data, and will endeavor to negotiate the most flexible possible license agreements. US Government data does not suffer from this limitation as the US does not copyright data.

How do I get satellite image data as a West Virginia View member?

The "West Virginia View Members Only" section is password protected. Contact the Tim Warner for login credentials if you are eligible.

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